Default Tenant Functionality


When you log into the platform, you can switch tenants. What functionality does the (Default) setting allow/provide? Other than the obvious, that when you log into the platform, the models that are displayed are the models under the (Default) tenant that is assigned. I am asking because when changing the (Default) tenant in the platform, I am trying to understand the approvals that are required to change that (Default) from one tenant to another. 

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  • JaredDolich
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    Very important question! Yes, the default is used for a variety of things that, if changed, may cause some issues for you. Here are a few bullet points:

    • For PowerBI addin, only your default tenant will be accessible
    • If you change your default tenant, you will lose all page builder access on all tenants. You will need to get those re-applied
    • If you are deactivated from your default tenant, you will lose access to all tenants. Only if you're deactivated. Changing the tenant will not cause you to lose access to other tenants
    • If your default is on a Partner tenant they will lose credit for your certifications. Your certifications are only applied to the default tenant
  • M.Kierepka
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    Hi @MindyU,

    I'd add on top of Jared's message that:

    • It's not only PowerBI connector, but generally all integrations, Add-Ins/Ons and APIs work only for your default tenant,
    • For all other tenants, you are technically not an "Internal User", but rather a "Visiting User" ( This means that you can be entirely removed from such tenant (unlike from your default tenant, where you can be deactivated, but cannot be deleted) and can have only Workspace Admin and Page Builder roles assigned (so you can't view Audit logs or configure CloudWorks as a visitor).