Drill Through/Link External Source Mapping to a given line item


Be able to list or link to a URL the original source information when there is no deeper level.

EG. In a source data module, if drill down is completed the admin has the ability to attach a URL to the source material (if it is an extract/table that was pulled from, view, etc.) and if it is entered having the view/field generated as user entered.

When NOT presented at a lowest level, have the ability to extract all of the source materials that contributed to the changes. (basically roll up the entries)

This is a simple way to close the gap between IBM's planning tool and allows for end users and admins to direct to to transactional or greater details of source material. This also allows for Anaplan to 'aggregate' without compromising the ability to inspect the data, thus allowing for models to be more precise about what the end users should be inspecting.

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