Sharing UX page via URL

Can someone confirm please if a UX page can be shared via URL or not.


My view is a UX page can only be shared via a link.


The difference being a link (aka 'hyperlink') shoots straight for a specific page, and a URL stops at a web site.


I can't find anything in Anaplan or Anapedia that specifically says a URL cannot be used, but I cant find anything that says it can either!




  • @ChrisG532 

    In order for someone else to be able to access the UX page, they must have security to do so. Meaning, they must first have a license to use anaplan and secondly a role that allows that to read/write to that page. There are three alternatives to viewing this UX page. The first is to export the page as a .pdf. The second way is to utilize the Office 365 addins; either Excel or PowerPoint, and the third is to enable the Slack connector and share elements of the page that way. Hope that helps. Great question!

  • Hi @ChrisG532 ,


    You can share page via hyperlink, this is something I have been exploring. Sharing few observations that I came across. 

    1. The Page can be shared by using "Share this Page" [share icon] feature on top left of page near the heading. If you choose the "Share a link"--> 'Copy Link'  the link generated is an Anaplan Page Hyperlink. If you share this link with someone having Anaplan access, the user needs to login to Anaplan and gets directly redirected to this App Page. I need to find out if this link has certain validity period. For your requirement you can use this hyperlink I think. 


    2. The second option on the same "Share this Page" feature is to Send link via email. The link is generated via ""  and seems to be active for certain time frame , I am yet to test and find out how many days it retains. As a page which I had shared via email earlier is not accessible anymore. 


    Hope this helps.




  • Thanks Jensit, you've confirmed what I thought.




  • Thanks Jared,


    You confirmed what I was thinking.