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Hi Team,


This is Pavith Kumar D. I have learned and certified Anaplan Level-1, Level-2 and Anaplan way. I am requesting here, Could you please give me a 90-days free trial workspace for me. Actually already I have used 3 time free trial workspaces. Now I want to learn at the next level of Anaplan certificate and get ready to attend the interview. And one more thing, I have to do sample projects in Anaplan.
(Hi Kudos, Please let me know how to get free trail workspace after used 3 time 90 day's workspace)
Kindly give me workspace access for me to improve my job career.
Thanks & Regards,
Pavith Kumar


  • Hello @Pavith17111993,


    Congratulations! I am glad to see you are now a Certified Model Builder.


    Here is a link to the free 90 day program:


    You will need to fill out the application and will hear back in a few days.

  • @Pavith17111993 

    Just to add to @DaanishSoomar answer, you are in great shape as a certified modeler. As part of the interviews, the company will most likely grant you access to their workspace for you to do your work. Since the Anaplan workspace is temporary, I would highly suggest trying to get a Partner or Customer to work you into their workspace as part of your job search. That's how I got started. I did volunteer work for Partners. Good luck!

  • Good one @JaredDolich - I also now re-read your post, if you have already used the free trial 3 times already, I am not sure what Anaplan's limit is on the free trial. There currently may not be a solution for this as platform access beyond learning environment is only given to Anaplan employees, partners, and customers.

  • Hi Sir,


    I have raised so many times, But still I am not able to get access.


    Could you able to help me.


    Thanks & Regards,

    Pavith Kumar


  • Hi Sir,

    Thank you very much for your wonderful suggestion, I will try to get any partner

    Thanks & Regards,
    Pavith Kumar D
  • hi any one can help me out i was not able to access workspace in order to practice it.

  • KatzCharland
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    I am looking to access a workspace. I have finished the level 1 lessons. Where and how do I go about applying or accessing a workspace. How is a person suppose to pass the exams if we can not use a workspace. Does this mean I need to pay for it?


  • Hi Team,

    This is Rashmi. I have learned and certified Anaplan Level-1, Level-2. I am requesting here, could you please give me a 90-days free trial workspace for me. I have used 2 times free trial workspace earlier .Now I want to learn at the next level of Anaplan certificate and get ready to attend the interview. Kindly give me workspace access to improve my career.



  • How to open account for trial period on Anaplan workspace

    Below link is not working

  • Hi ..Any one please help me to get anaplan workspace access link or steps

  • Hi Dear members,

    i am facing this issue to get 90 days free trail access, need workspace access to complete Certifications, could you please suggest why i am getting below email from Anaplan team , am i doing anything wrong? i have completed Anaplan way and all other mentioned terms and conditions -

    • You are employed by a customer or partner. This program is for unaffiliated learners. Please contact your internal Anaplan team for access to the platform → I am not employed by a customer or partner , ai am an independent learner here
    • You have previously taken advantage of this → Never
    • Your account does not contain a full first and full last name.→ all are filled
    • You have applied to this program with multiple emails. →first time user
    • You have not completed -The Anaplan Way lessons. →completed
    • We have a limited capacity and are not able to satisfy all requests at this time. 0>is this every fresher facing this o=issue only me ?