Ability to include Line Items within DocuSign Workflow Names (& therefore DocuSign email Subject)


We would like to have a small number of DocuSign Workflows which can be reused to complete standardized processes which are initiated in Anaplan and completed in DocuSign.  Currently Anaplan uses the DocuSign Workflow name as the Subject of the email which is sent from DocuSign.  This means that each email recipient receives the exact same email (subject and body) every time that the Workflow is used.  The only way for the recipient to tell the content apart is by clicking on the DocuSign link within the email to view the final document to be signed.

For context and sake of user experience, the email recipient should be able to differentiate the emails by having visibility to the pertinent fields in the message subject (such as customer name, employee name, contract name, etc.).  When the Anaplan user creates the DocuSign Workflow, they should be able to incorporate specific Line Item fields which would then be dynamically applied to the DocuSign Workflow name each time it is used (i.e. “Employment Contract for <employee name>, start date <employment start>”).

By implementing this method, Anaplan users would have better visibility to each of the DocuSign documents from the “Sent Document” view, and DocuSign email recipients would have better context regarding each of the signature requests they receive.

For further examples, refer to attached graphic.

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