DCA using Custom User List - Is it possible?


Hi All,

There is a requirement to use custom user list (as only 10 out of 200 users would be using the setup) as an applies to for DCA driver. I wanted to check if it is possible to control cell's read & write ability using a Custom user list?


Appreciate any help on this topic !


  • @abhi4246 


    I believe you can. Moreover you can use LOOKUP on Users list if you have to communicate between Native Users list and Custom Users List to pull this off. I recommend watching this video - special scenario on 7:35 minutes




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  • Without understanding the specifics of the issue, there’s  multiple ways to address this without requiring custom user lists I think.

    1. if it’s limiting access to a module then a user role can be used for this via role access to modules

    2. if it’s specific access to a line item to a module, you can create a config module that specifies which users  have access. You can then use this as part of the DCA. 
    3. if it’s several sets of modules/actions/process then you can create a separate model that houses the functionality and limit the access to that model to just those 10 users. 

    I know it’s probably not directly answering your question but wanted to check if there was a way to get around the issue without having to create a custom user list. 

  • Thanks for the reply. I have a scenario in which i have 2 roles in the system which needs to be controlled on a cell level based on certain conditions. As these roles are spread across only 20 users out of 200 (lets assume), so i'm using a Custom user list (selective access enabled) & assigned it to those 20 users accordingly.


    But when using Custom user list in the DCA driver module (Looking up to the system user list) & assigning it to the line item of the main module as driver , all the lines are getting locked (DCA module & main module have 2 dimension in common) even if the booleans are correctly getting populated in DCA module.


    Not sure, even after mapping the custom-user list to system user list creates that connection for DCA driver to work in the right way.