Enhance Model list and Manage model information screens

Hi all, 

We work with many models and workspaces and I often find myself in the need of identifying areas where I can find some space. Unless I'm missing something I often need to actually open the specific workspace in order to check if there's space free there. This is a time consuming activity, therefore :


As a model builder I want the models list and the screen that pops up when I click on Manage models enhanced

so that I can check, at a glance, the size utilization across all my workspaces. 



I will know this is successful when I can see on those two sections the following information : 

  •  Workspace size free
  •  Workspace utilization (%)
  •  Workspace allowance

For Example :



PS This type of information, and as a workaround for those that aren't aware, is currently available from the Administration console, under workspaces. However I would find it more helpful if it was plugged in as described above






Alessio Pagliano


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