Is it possible to encrypt a specific field (e.g. salary information) in a module?


Is it possible to encrypt a specific field (e.g. salary information) in a module in order to hide it for users accessing that specific Module?


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    Yes it is. 

    Module Level Security  - Can be based on the Roles that you set up. You can give No Access to such a module 

    Line Item Level Security - Can be done by Dynamic Cell Access. Read more about DCA

    List item Level Security - Selective access might not be relevant here


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  • Yes, You can go  to roles-module for restrict module level, selective access for list level and Dynamic cell access for line item level. 

  • Thanks, so, with DCA we are able to hide to all users except, for instance HR users, the Salary cell in the Employee module, and, at the same time, use that cell for incentive calculation?


    If DCA can be used for Line Item Level Security , does it mean it will hide the entire line?  I need to hide only 1 column.

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    With DCA you can customize it as per your requirement on the cell level within a line item. For Example if I have a line item dimensioned by departments (HR, Finance etc), if the same line needs to show salaries to HR and gets hidden for Finance it is certainly doable. In the above scenario DCA module needs to have department as a dimension.



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  • It depends what you refer to when talking about lines and columns.

    If your line items are displayed as columns, then yes, only the salary column will be hidden, the other line items wont be (unless you also set these up with a dca as well)

  • Hello,

    I understood that, even if I am able to hide the Salary column in an Employee module/list, that column will be again visible in another module that is consuming Employee information and his/her Salary field.

    So, in summary:

    - real field/column encryption is not available, I can just hide that column only in a specific Module/List


    Am I correct?



  • While you can't "encyrpt" the salary field and show it only to some users, you can leverage an Anaplan feature called Dynamic Cell Access to use role-based security to hide the field's value from anyone that shouldn't be able to see it.


    In addition to the documentation linked above, there is a 15-minute micro-lesson on this topic: