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Anaplan recently updated the formatting of their welcome email when a Workspace admin adds a user for the first time within Anaplan. The email title is "Active your Anaplan Account". 


We only allow users to login via SSO in our organization, however, clicking on "Active your Anaplan account" from within the email prompts a user to setup a password. This contradicts instructions we provide internally that a user should login via our SSO link and leads to locked accounts. 

Locked Accounts Issue/Idea:


The underlying issue is the formatting of the email and where the link takes the user. There should be a unique format that does not prompt a user to set up a password if they've been set up as an SSO user.

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  • Experiencing this issue within our organisation too, informed nothing can be done from Anaplan today.

    2 key pain points for us, 1: The absolute first expeience of using anaplan for new users is immediatley negative as link provided fails, and in some cases leads to locked account which requires support from Anaplan.

    2: additional admin for our anaplan in house team to try to prevent this by communicating with new users and supporting those that fall into the trap.

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