Add 'Use Current date' as model action


The 'Data Write' action functionality in Anaplan App (UX) is great and provides the ability to 'Use current date'. This means that by pressing an action button on the page, a module with a date format will be updated with today's date. Seamless and simple! Below I have 2 simple use case examples for this:

1. Workflow - E.g.  Adding a timestamp for a performed process or 'date reviewed'

2. Data - Data Hub where the day of an upload for manually uploaded files can be stored/traced and referenced


On point 2, the Data Write option is better than manually choosing the date on a date formatted cell, but if uploading a file (or in a spoke model using an action to pull data from the Data Hub) currently the user would need to first press 1 button and then another. Ideally 'Data Write' could added to an existing model process, or 'Use Current Period' could be added as a model action to combine with an existing process. This will improve and simplify the ability to time stamp data/ data loads.



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