Microsoft Teams - Anaplan Integration


A number of customers have expressed a desire to have an Anaplan - Microsoft Teams integration in the same way as now exists between Anaplan and Slack.  

  • Push links to pages to users' Teams accounts
  • Anaplan notifications
  • Subset of above: as Anaplan Process Orchestration progresses the need / benefit from Teams link will increase!

These plus all other usage as done with Slack today will bring important planning value (speed, accuracy, responsiveness) for companies that use Teams.

We are aware that Anaplan Product has a vision to support this in the roadmap, the purpose of this Idea Exchange entry is to demonstrate interest levels to Anaplan Product.

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  • Well noted @philip.austin 


    I believe the more value integrations we have between Anaplan and other solutions such as Microsoft teams, especially if customers are requesting this, the more valuable our platform is for customers.


    Anaplan can then prioritise which ones to develop.


    I have a few customers in training who use teams and asked for an Anaplan integration also 


    A heads up from me 🙂



  • I think this is a wonderful idea, and would be very valuable. 


    It is great to see how many Kudos this post received. I would be interested to know if this means this idea would be prioritized more in the product roadmap.

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