Add column in models Users' list: Enabled (view only)


In Anaplan models, in the Users list, we would like a column "Enabled" that is a view-only column based on the user's Enabled status in the Central Identity Management User Admin (in Tenant Admin).  Currently in the Users list in models we lack visibility to whether a specific user has status enabled of disabled in the User Admin.  Customers have mentioned that they go into models, grant a user access to the model, and then the user still cannot access the model, becuase they forgot to check the Enabled status in the CIM.   Of course this column can be a view-only column in the model since the Enabled status is defined in the CIM. 

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  • Yes, this transparency is needed, so all needed information are available to establish a user in a model.


    When this disabled-information are not available on creation, then some users end up being blocked from entering Anaplan. These users have been assigned authorization as all other users and get no specific explanation of why they have insufficient authorization to log on. This happens for users who start reusing Anaplan after a period with another role. In the meantime they have been disabled to free up licenses. It is not feasible to go and check this information for each creation as it is an irrelevant check for the  majority of new users. It is also not feasible to shift into creation of users in CIM (where the disabled-information are available) as you will anyway need to go to the model to assign role and other specifics.


    The assigner could also be prompted with a warning when creating a new user in model who have status enabled. Preferable with an option to shift directly into enabled from the model.

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