Level 1 exam - model building activity 2



I'm trying to do the activity 2: 

"update the REV02 volume inputs module to include a formula to pull data from the DATA 02 SKU Volumes module". And tried the formula: 

'DATA02 SKU Volumes'.Volumes
but I got the error message: 
Level mismatch on common dimension


  • Typically when receiving this message it means that the modules being used are built on a hierarchical list and there is no natural aggregation to display - this can occur when you are leveraging data from a summary point to drive a calculation at a lower level in the hierarchy (i.e. disaggregation). 


    In this instance I would recommend double checking the "Applies To" in the source module (DAT02) - are those lists the same as being leveraged in REV02?  If not, do the lists being used in REV02 have a parent hierarchy relationship to source lists?  If not, then either the module setup is incorrect or a system module is needed to map the list properties in order to leverage the SUM function.   *Hint: you should not need a SUM function here as SKU data will summarize to Products/Product Family.



  • Hi Tiffany 

    I changed the hierarchy at the first time worked but now the model results are all zeros.

    Don't know why and how to continue.

    Can you please help me?








  • Can somebody please help me?