Convert list item to time period


We make a weekly copy of the demand plan to be able to calculate bias and forecast accuracy with 2 weeks lag.

In a list we created versions :


The last Property "Reporting Week" is formatted as Time Period "Week"

The data is copied in a module with this list and the product list on the lowest level as dimensions :


How can I retrieve this data in a module with Week and Product List as dimension, data should be shown in the "Reporting Week" of the Versions list.






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  • Misbah
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    Step 1: Create a System module dimensioned by P6 and get an attribute of P4 in this module with function PARENT

    Step 2: Create an Intermediary module dimensioned by Anaplan Native Time and P6 dimension (not P4). Use SUM function on Weekly version - Reporting Week list property.

    Step 3: In your target module take the values from intermediary module and use LOOKUP function on SYS module P4 line. 


    Hope that helps


    Miz Logix


  • @Filip 


    It's unclear to me as to what is the ask here. Do you mean you have a target module which is dimensioned by Products and Native Time of Anaplan and the source has custom time or is the other way around.


    Either way you will have to a create a relationship between these two and I think FINDITEM function can help you create this one. Once the relationship is established you can then ;use SUM or LOOKUP based on your needs.




    Miz Logix

  • Hi Misbah,


    source module has native time in a list as dimension, target module custom time as dimension



    the relationship has been established in the list "Weekly Versions"


    I tried the lookup


    with following error : 

    LOOKUP using DATE mapping Weekly Versions.Reporting Week is not valid in this case because 'DAT EXP. 04. Forecast Weekly Versions'.Basic forecast does not apply to Time


  • @Filip 


    Native Time can not come as a list in "Applies to" section. Could you please share the screenshot of Pivots of both source and target module. And if possible screenshot of Weekly version module as well.


    Note: SUM & LOOKUP should not be part of the same formula

  • source module :


    target module :


    List Weekly Versions






  • Thanx Misbah,


    works fine now !