Application of Filter Condition on Tabular Multiple Column Export


Hi Team,


We see a challenge in not getting the Cost Center dimension when filtered to the saved view, it is not getting exported as per the Named Saved views instead we get all the Cost centers as default to the module.


This feature is required for us to have it in the Tabular Multiple Column Export for the Integration from Anaplan.

Request to add this feature at the earliest.

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  • @nethra.devi If I'm understanding the request correctly, you would like to be able to leverage the native filter dialog to be able to configure a filter on your Tabular Multiple Column Export. Is that correct?


    Based on your post, the "workaround" would be to build a filter in a separate System module and leverage that filter for the export. Is there a reason that approach is not viable for you?

  • @ryan_kohn Thank you for the response.


    We have used such system modules for quite of the output modules wherein it allows the users to select the required criteria to see the results in the output modules.


    But here the selection does not change, so when i have the in-built option to filter out some of the cost centers then the Integration is very much automated. The feature is available but not working for the Tabular Multiple Column Export is what we realized later. The workaround is appreciated but can this feature be enhanced in the near future ?


    Thanks !!! 

  • @nethra.devi Can you confirm that you've followed the steps documented on Anapedia to configure a filter on a Tabular Multiple Column Export? See here: 

  • paolovm

    Hi @nethra.devi

    I believe I came to a similar issue recently. It seems in the documentation included by Ryan above the tabular filter can only depend on a SINGLE general list which is just useless for the purpose I was trying to achieve.


    "Note: If you want to filter rows in your export, based on a Boolean line item, the line item must apply to a single general list. You cannot filter on Versions, Users, or Time."

    In my case as a workaround I had to create specific concatenated list (version+index+attribute all together in a single list) to get an export object with less than 3 lists and get away from tabular.

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