Uniques Identifier as code for a Numbered List


Can i Use Numbered list Unique identifier as a Part of code for Numbered List?, How long can a Unique Identifier can go?

I have a numbered list Named 'Activity List' under a Customer List as its parent and I am Planning to use Unique identifer as a code for that List as Name(Item(Activity List)&"_"&Code(Parent(item(Activity List)))


So it will be #1234_CustCode.

Is it good thing to do if we donot have any other unique identifier to create codes for that list, My actual worry is that list will be used many times and I am not sure how long  Anaplan can create Unique identifer for that numbered list so what if code goes on like #9999999999999999_CustomerCode



Best Answer

  • KirillKuznetsov


    Number list is limited by 999 999 999 index and then has to be reset. Otherwise you will not be able to add additional elements.

    Code property is limited by 60 characters. So you have to make sure that your concatenation is less than 60 in length.