Need Ability to Disallow NUX Toolbar Filtering, or Hide Toolbar Entirely in NUX


Similar to how we have ability to disallow native pivoting of a NUX grid by end-users, we need the same ability for native filtering via the toolbar. 


Prime example is that many of the would-be strong synchronized scrolling use-cases are negated by the fact that as soon as an end-user applies a native toolbar filter on one grid, the synchronization order of list members breaks between grids.  

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  • jepley
    edited November 2022

    Agreed-- the ability to restrict filtering for users is completely necessary. 

  • rdrinkall
    edited November 2022

    I think this is definitely required - in my use case there are certain list items that not all users should be able to see and a user is able to add filters on the NUX and then see a full list of available options within the filter

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