Optimization in anaplan summary


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Now i want to check summary of a line items wheather its required are not  how can i do that.


what is the possible ways to turn off the summary.


Why cant we turnoff the summary of a dashboard line item.


  • @143kishornaidu 

    There is no hard and fast rule for that. However, Keeping summaries turned on can be fruitful in CALC modules and OUT modules (not for all though).  You really can get away with Summaries Turned on in DAT, INP & SYS modules - unless there is any logical/business justification to do so.  

    In CALC modules, heavy lifting happens and you my want to move the data from one module to another without writing the logic in line items. So you may be required to keep them on.

    In OUTPUT modules, it can be used for reporting purposes on the dashboard. For example people wanting to see the summarized values along with granular values.


    If it is a calc module then you can check the "Reference by" section of line items and see if the summaries are needed in the downstream line items that it is linked with. 

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  • @143kishornaidu 


    Although, I completely agree with @Misbah. I would follow 2 simple steps.


    1. Check if the Line item summary is needed for calculation flow to next module/Line item.

    2. Check if it is a reporting module and it is necessary to show the summarized values.


    How to optimize? doing cross checks would take time.


    First take the Module line items export and try to turn off the summaries for all line items(which does not throw errors) excluding the reporting module line item and then start turning on need basis for data flow.