Exporting From The Agile App and Importing into Jira




Does anybody have experience exporting User stories (Desription, Progress, LOE, % Complete, etc) from the Agile App in a format that will allow us to import that file into Jira and have Jira updated with the same progress?


  • @briankenez It's been a while since your original post, so you may have solved for this already. While I haven't had direct experience exporting user stories from the Agile App into Jira, I am familiar with the APIs of both tools.

    There is fairly good documentation provided by Atlassian on importing issue data from a CSV. Note the details on the Issue Key field: "You can set the issue key for an imported issue. If an issue with a given key already exists in Jira, it will be updated instead."

    If you want to set things up to be able to update Jira with progress based on the Agile App, you'll need to modify your Agile App to be able to specificy the Jira Issue Key for each user story, so that you have the cross-reference to be able to update existing issues. You can also build a custom export in the Agile App to both include that Issue Key along with the specific fields you want to bring over.

    On the Jira side, I believe you just need to map those fields when you import the file per the instructions on the page above. The mapping will also depend on how you've configured your project in Jira.