Power BI Enhancements/Limitations

The following will be primarily based on my recent experiences with the Power BI Connector and Anaplan. 


1. The Authentication has much improved and the use of SSO relieves a lot of data concerns when creating Power BI Reports. 

2. Able to run multiple exports into the same model


In my experience and due to need, I have a large export that equals ~2GB (well below the 5GB Limit). Following that export there are 3-4 much smaller ones that pull the summarized details so I don't need to do any manipulation in Power BI. The export for the entire model fails because of how the connector functions. Either multiple requests are submitted at once and the Anaplan Model/API cannot support it, or one export submits before the other one completes. Either way, I had to scrap the entire Power BI Model because it couldn't be depended on.

Enhancement Request:
I would request Anaplan release more documentation and gather more feedback from customers on Power BI functionality and performance. It seems like a bug that one request kicks off before another one completes, there's only so much you can control within a Power BI model to limit calls. 

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  • From our own experience, The underlying anaplan api is unstable currently, so that may be one side of the issue there (the other one possibly being how the power bi connector handles the api query calls)

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