How to set up a Admin Account with a e-mail address in Anaplan



Need to know how to set up an Admin Account in Anaplan with a email address. Would I be able to do this a a Model Builder, or would the main admin administrator have to do this? 


Thank you 

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  • Stacey_Gibbens
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    Hi @neg177 ,


    The person setting up the integration email "service account" needs to be a workspace administrator, but no tenant level set-up is inherently required just to create it. 


    HOWEVER, there are complexities around implementing this securely -- one of which is that the integration account cannot be set to SSO, and therefore it will either end up needing to pass a plain text password (bad) or will need a CA security certificate, which will end up needing some assistance from your tenant administrator as well as others in your IT organization to procure and configure the certificate for use.  


    The details on what's actually required and how to implement it will depend on what kind of integrations you intend to implement -- So, I recommend some research around CA Certificates and how they would be used within the integration solution you're going to implement.  Here are a couple of links to CA Cert materials:


    Interactive CA Certificate Guide - Anaplan Community

    Security certificates - Anaplan Technical Documentation


    Good luck!