List of entities does Anaplan has.

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I wanted to know the list of entities that Anaplan has. 

also wanted to know the supporting data types and operators too. 

Kindly help.

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  • ManjunathKN
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    Anaplan has native time & version as native entity and you can have different set of custom entities with different behaviors. 

    Ex: balanced hierarchy (Entity) or composite, unbalanced or ragged and flat.

    other less used entities are Alternative hierarchy, Parallel hierarchy, Fact sheet(transactional list, mainly used in data hub), combination hierarchy.


    Types of data types that are used in Anaplan are Number, Boolean, Date, text, Time period and Entity.




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    Thank you Manjunath for your reply. 

    I was able to figure out Workspace, Model and Export Object entities in Anaplan. 

    Curious to know that if there are any predefined entities available in Anaplan.

  • ManjunathKN
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    As i mentioned native Entities are predefined Entities in anaplan.



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    @ManjunathKN Could you provide a link which can support my above query. Thanks