Optimizer: process incl. optimizer action with import on timeout should continue in case of timeout

For optimizer actions, there is the possibility in the action setup to enable "Import on timeout" to fetch back the results from Gurobi processing when the specified timeout is reached but the desired MIPGap is not achieved yet.

If the optimizer action is embedded within a process, the process is shown as failed when this import on timeout happens and actions after the optimizer action in that process do not get run anymore.


Rather the subsequent steps in the process should be run comparable to a process where an import action was only partly successful but did not fail completely. Only when e.g. no feasible solution was found or the "Import on timeout" is not set in the specifications of the optimizer action, the failing of the whole process should be handled like it currently is.

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  • EvgyK
    edited November 2022

    Thank you for this suggestion. We will consider it as part of our future roadmap for the Optimizer

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