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Hi all,


Following a member's recommandation, i'm posting 3 main ideas. I have recently discovered Excel Add-in existence and here are the 3 major points in my mind : 


First, I think it could be nice to be able to give only permission to retrieve saved views in order to prevent them to see technical items (not relevant as end-user).

Another way could be flagging technical items as a model builder and then, as it is marked up as a technical item, it will not appear in Excel when selecting a view (saved or not), and why not going further saying that it will be automatically go out of the UX.


Then, we all know that controllers (I used to be one of them :)) enjoy working on Excel and it would be user-friendly if they were able to get in Excel cells the filters (dimensions) so they would be able to create an excel sheet in which they will set the parameters (Year for instance) and then do the link (through basic excel formula) directly in the filters in each work sheet (as below)




Last but not least, It would be nice to develop a bit on formulas that can be used thanks to Anaplan Add-in.

For instance, the formula below retrieves the dimension needed (French Excel, equivalent in English is choose)

Some of the key users may want to develop their knowledge to develop the Excel templates.




Feel free to share your opinion, I will be glad to discuss with you ! 



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  • VeronicaP
    edited November 2022

    Hi, here is some feedback on your points: 

    1) have you tried to use Role-based access? you can use it to hide data, calculations or system modules to your end users in the Excel add-in.
    2) From the settings, you can add the dimension name applied to your module as text in the cells of the sheet

    3) can you provide more context as to what you are trying to achieve? 

  • nicolasgrd
    edited November 2022

    Hi @VeronicaP


    Thank you for your inputs. 


    For the 1st point, I'm not aware of anything hiding line items (and not modules) to a specific user's category, I will try something about it but not confident it will work. 


    Concerning the 2nd point, my settings do not allow this but maybe I am not looking at the right place



    For the last point, I would like to know if any other formula exist to update quicker (and without passing by Anaplan) the reports. 




  • VeronicaP
    edited November 2022

    Hi Nicolas, 

    1. on point 1, have you already tried with Dynamic Cell Access? would it meet your needs?
    2. Point 2: try clicking "Show or Hide connection details" which is the last setting from the screenshot you shared. Let me know if this is what you needed.

    3. On your last point, our add-in allows users to send cell value changes from Excel into Anaplan, but this concerns only input values. So unfortunately you cannot edit any metadata or line item formula of a module from Excel.

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