What is the difference between Modules and views. can multiple views creation possible in a module?


3.) What is the difference between Modules and views. is it possible to create multiple views for one module.


  • Misbah
    edited November 2022


    Views are like subsets of the module. You can create as many views as you want, they don't take any space. You create views when

    1. Underlying module is to be used as a source of an import

    2. View is to be published on classic dashboard and it is to be used many a times on UX.

    3. You need specific column widths on dashboards.


    Hope that helps


    Miz Logix

  • you can add conditional format on your views based on different user groups without affecting underlying actual modules.

  • @skarki Yes it is not going to apply conditional formatting to underlying actual module but the catch is that is Not based on user groups. It is based on the grids or simply put custom views.

  • @Misbah thanks for catch. Well I was trying to say if we need multiple dashboards for different end users and if we want to display information based on who are end user then we can create views for each end user group and publish into respective dashboards.