Standard Solution for Iterative Calculations

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There is a need for Anaplan to have standard Iterative Calculation Functionality.  The model that I’m building for the client includes multiple circular references. I need to calculate the amount of the Cash Available for Investments that depends on the Ending Cash Balance (amongst other line items) for the period. Ending Cash Balance at the same time includes debt paydown, amortization and interest expense that is ultimately using the Cash Available for Investments, on the same investments for the same period...this then impacts the beginning balance and calculation in future periods. In the client's current Excel model, it is able to calculate with Enable iterative calculation option on. I have seen other postings on community with similar issues, as this is a very common situation in Planning.  Currently, the only solution I can come up with is a series of actions copying the cash balance into a line item to be referenced by the Investment calculation, but has to be sequentially by period to push the appropriate balances forward.  Not efficient and requires client to push an action button often (taking away from the "real time" value of Anaplan).  Please Help!  

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  • JaredDolich
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    Game changer. Thanks @jziemer 

  • Supply Chain production models also need this functionality, as the replenishment of multiple products can be dependent on the ending supply of another. Same solution (series of actions) was further complicated by a daily timescale. 

  • Here is a screenshot of the Excel functionality that would be incredibly helpful in Anaplan.

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