Excel Add in - Insert new items functionality

Insert new items setting does not work as expected. If you have it selected, ALL new items are pulled in, not only the new items that are part of your parent selection.


Example: Hierarchy list of L1, L2, L3 and L4, I only want certain L3 members and all of their descendants, so I check one of these values and all of the descendants. When I refresh with the insert new items option on, it pulls in new items for ALL of the L3 members, not only the ones in my selected L3. If you have insert new items option off, NO new items are added.


The workaround is to manually go in and delete the newly added rows for the L3 that you did not select. Although this is typically not difficult, it is additional wasted time and effort that the Add in should resolve on its own. It also requires human intervention and limits how this could be automated.

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