Object ID Re-Assignment Using Back to the Future Approach


This is related to application lifecycle management. We have observed that the production data wiped off for a line item when we pushed a tag to the Production model from the Current state of Dev model. When we debugged the issue, we found that Anaplan is treating the changes differently in different states. 

For example, we have created one line item in the Lookups module and gave some value as an input in the rolled back state and then we pushed the revision tag from the rolled back state to the Production model. We executed the cutover by selecting some value for that line item in the production model. We rolled forward the model and did the same development in the current state (with the same name), and when we pushed the revision tag from the current state to the Production model, the data that was sitting in that line item in the production model was cleared, though the same changes are available in both the states with the same name. We have understood this is because of differing object ID assignment however is a painpoint with large releases, cutovers. Preference would be, since name is the same for it to assign same object ID so we don't have to cutover the changes twice.

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