Modelling using users properties

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As a model builder, i d like to be able to model aroynd users properties that are found in "users" panel in order to bring new functionalities to functional admin users, granting them in dedicated modules or actions within a model the following

- ability to check users selective accesses rights (read / write permissions) and modify them

- being able to use roles as a list to be able to check for instance whether a set of users has a specific role

- ability for the model builder to use the information to drive DCAs rules Based on selective access rights and / or respective roles

- ability to assign users roles within a module in the model and assign them a new role (role formatted list) using import actions

This is required as currently those capabilities cannot be achieved or can be achieved but with significant workaround (for instance : create a duplicate custom role lists to assign users to model's roles) which clutter the model mgt

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  • Agreed being able to have user role as a property for DCA would be very powerful. Would save having to maintain a separate mapping set.

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