CA Certificates for Service ID (Password less Connectivity)


Do we have a list of CA Certificates that are mostly used to implement password less integration with Anaplan and if anyone has an estimate of pricing & validity of those certificates?

Our client is looking for the feasible options while choosing the Certificate Provider - So a consolidated list will actually help the ask.

I do have this list of supported certificates but most of them do not have definitive pricing/ validity information.


  • You are correct that the resource you linked is not a list of vendors.

    Your client should be working with their internal IT department to coordinate the purchase of a compatible certificate. Pricing varies between vendors and offerings and obviously not all vendors make their pricing public, but typically it is not very expensive for a single certificate (maybe $25-50 per year).

    From the recommendations on Anapedia on procuring a CA certificate:

    Obtain a Certificate from a CA

    Contact your IT or Security Operations organization to determine if your company already has an existing relationship with a CA or intermediary CA.

    - If your organization has an existing relationship with a CA or Intermediate CA you can request a client certificate be issued for your integration user.

    - If your organization does not have an existing CA relationship, you should contact a valid CA to procure a client certificate.

    Note: There are many categories of certificates that a CA offers (for example: SAN certificates, wildcard certificates, code-signing certificates, and others). You should request a client certificate only. The process for procuring the certificate may take a few weeks for some validation that the CA must perform. We recommend you allow time for the procurement process. Once the CA issues the certificate file, follow their documented steps for making this file available in your environment.