Workspace capacity: Subsets Calc / Applies To

Hello Anaplanners,

I'm currently working on a model of workspace simulator of another Model.

I'm having some difficulties to find an optimum way of :

  1. Splitting my “Applies To” - I cant find a formula to help split the Dimensions which are in the following state; “Dim01, Dim02, Dim03” I want to have each dimension in a column (Line Item). Currently, i use Excel to delimit by comma then import the Data in Anaplan. Is there a better way of obtaining the dimensions in each column?
  2. Line Item Subsets and List subsets - Is there a way to obtain the subsets with their item count?

Your assistance will be much appreciated and each suggestions count ;)

Thanking you in advance,



  • Nico
    edited March 20
    • I have maybe a solution that would help you drive the count.
    • 1. If you have a list with all your list then if you cross Line items x Dimension, you can have a boolean as :
      FIND("List Name","Applies to") <> 0 → If this boolean is TRUE, then your list name is in your applies to.

    • 2. You could drive the count in the properties modules with the formula : ISNOTBLANK(FINDITEM("ITEM Name","Subset Name")) → If this boolean is TRUE, then your list item is in your subset.

  • Thank you for your reply Nico.

    I cannot use the model as it is in production.

    However i can create a copy but it can cause inconveniences.

  • Are you familiar with APIs? The transactional metadata API can help you get the information about the model structure that you are looking for. You can start here for more background: