Filters on import to list actions


As a model builder, i need to be able to filter the list items created based on a criteria.

This is required as we currently operate models that determines a calculation scope of contracts and the needs to import the corresponding cashflows to calculate profitability.

Currently we need to import all cashflows from our datahub and after that size them with subset.

It would be useful instead to be able to define a boolean as a driver to filter the ids created (a bit like the delete action where you select the driver indicating what to delete).

Currently you can emulate this behaviour by setting list properties and defining properties as the method for identifying how to create new ids. When properties are defined as lists and one of the item is absent, then it rejects the corresponding item and prevent the list item to be created... but it s really taxing in term of performance (like awfully taxing).

Others workarounds like importing the scope back to datahub to create filters specific to the spoke model is not really good either as the datahub serves multiple spole models and it s adding imports actions in the process which are weak parts in anaplan

Hope this gets some interest from fellow anaplaner with similar concerns

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