Does file ID change if I update the import source for an action?


Hi all,

We are testing bulk API's data import, on which I had 2 queries.

Suppose I create an action in Anaplan for a file and then data in loaded using bulk API's, but later I went to manage import data sources and updated the import source of that action with a new file. Will this change the file ID of the file which is being used for this particular action?

Another query I had was, first step for API import is to upload the file, so if the file is uploaded via API and then if I run the import manually by running the action in Anaplan will the data get updated from the file uploaded?

Thanks in Advance


  • Hi,

    File ID doesn't change if you load in new file from import data sources. Easiest way to validate this is to load in any file from there and go to url Id/models/Model Id/files and check id for the file. Then load in new version of the file and validate that the ID hasn't changed.