custom source connector plugins


As an integration admin, i need to be able to create custom source connector that can be scripted (using typically python, java) to get access to different types of sources data formats without the need to go through a csv or txt file upload each time.

This would allow to get data sets from reading apis endpoints, databases connections and others data formats without having to go to 3d party tools or manual workaround to get data into anaplan.

Currently one limiting factor for anaplan is the need for an external source to provide csv files for anaplan to process, which reduces or slows down adoption with other systems.

The option to use anaplan connect toolset optio still requires quite some work to set up and still work with csv file to upload to the platform to make it work.

Additionnally anaplan community could share those connectors as public to exponentially expose more data sources to anaplan and connect more into planning models

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