Ability to export the list of pages


As a workspace administrator I want the ability to export the list of pages, as it can be listed from the model, using an Export button, same as what's available elsewhere within Anaplan.

This is needed to monitor the complexity. Anaplan are to support not only ease of adding build but also to manage the complexity of models in an enterprise.

Export are likewise readily available for other elements: Users, General Lists, Modules, Line Items, Actions and Dashboards

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  • Anaplan need to support export of pages to allow ad-hoc analysis for page builders and model builders. It should be provided in the same way end users have export as a generic option.

    It should be possible to extract the list of pages with category, application and source model for the full tenant.

    Additionally it should separately be possible to extract same data including module reference for the full tenant. This could support offline where-used analysis, while we wait for Anaplan to provide where-used within the model as per:


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