Rankcumulate with Multiplication


I use the rankcumulate with for allocation. I have come across something that I don't have a solution for: Compounding percents within a list of data. This could be used for compounding mardowns for pricing to see the aggregate affect. Example soming costs $100. I take a 20% price reduction in the first period and then another 10% in the second period. The effective price would be '100 * (1 - 20%) * (1 - 10%) = $72' . This can work when there are two events, but breakdown when the number of events is > 2.

The assumption here is that the compounding happens outside of time and the in period 2 both price reduction 1 for 20% and price reduction 2 for 10% are both active. This example would appear when a module is using some type of event manager that enables adding different Event Items that apply to the same item at the same time.

Happy to go into more detail.

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