Allow disabling of unsolicited direct to end-user notifications


Hi Anaplan Team,

We constantly tell our employees not to click on ANY links from ANY unsolicited email. Anaplan sends email to every person who's been granted a license telling them it's been activated with links. We don't want Anaplan to do this. We don't want any of our vendors sending unsolicited email directly to our end users.

If one of our employees opens a support case or reaches out to Anaplan, then it would be perfectly acceptable to respond and interact in that capacity.

As an extremely security conscious, phishing-averse company, we respectfully request the ability to opt out of direct to end user, unsolicited email from Anaplan.

Thank you!

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  • jditty

    We would love to opt out of this as well! It causes more suspicion and extra support traffic from our end users to our COE.

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