Avoid drill down to sensitive data


Hi folks,

I have a challenge in a Workforce Planning model I am building.

I have a organisational hierarchy going från A1→A6, where A6 being individual employees, and A4 being Cost Center. The selective access for the model is on Cost Centers (A4), which then gives access to Teams (A5) within the cost center and all Employees (A6) in the teams.

The problem with this set up is that I want the users to be able to see summaries of other Cost Centers (A4) but also higher up in the hierarchy (A1→A3). However, I do not want them to be able to see data below A4 level (A5 or A6).

My idea was to set up a parallell hierarchy with only A1→A4, call it B1→B4, and then sum over some properties with the new hierarchy on A4 level, but since any user can use drill down, they will always be able to go down to the actual individuals making up a specific figure, which is something I need to avoid.

The only solution I see, which I do not like, is to create an action to copy the data from A4 level to another module with the parallell hierachy, but that would require an actions, hence the data wouldn't be 100% live as it would with formulas.

I hope this makes sense, happy to elaborate if not, and any help is highly appreciated! Would really like to avoid the action…


  • Hi @fredrickstraube

    It's a bit fiddly but you could use DCA to disable the unowned Cost Centres employee details. So a module that's user and cost centre with boolean for the owned ones and then attached to your core modules.

    Then should be able to use your alternative hierarchy module or set the DCA so that it's true for all the parents. Think then on an unowned CC it won't show the values but might show the people

  • Hey!

    I would really like to not have to add the user dimension to all the modules containing sensitive data, that would make my model **** up in terms of size…

    Otherwise that would be a possible solution!

  • You shouldn't need to add user to all the modules, just the DCA ones so it shouldn't too much size.