Cloudworks Integration Flows in UX


At the moment, we are able to add Cloudworks Processes to the dashboards and the addition is great.

Could we do the same with the Integration Flows? I see multiple benefits from this for several customers and I do not think that the implementation would be too different from what is currently in there.

Is this currently in the roadmap?

Kind regards,

Bruno Rodriguez

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  • eang92

    I agree on this!
    With the publishing of the integration flow, it will enable end users to easily orchestrate forecasting processes across multiple models.

  • Schulle

    I fully agree on this!

  • That would be an elegant way to solve many integrations challenges in a user friendly way.

  • Adding another agreement here, great idea! Would be very beneficial.

  • Completely agree! - this would resolve a few user operated integration challenges

  • Came here to suggest this as well. A middle of the road solution could be to allow card specific source models. This would at least let us run actions in the target model on one page and "push" the data rather than having to navigate to a different page to "pull" data form the source model to the target model.

  • lucasproa

    I fully support Bruno's suggestion. Integrating Cloudworks Integration Flows into the UX dashboard would significantly enhance the user experience and facilitate seamless integration between models. This feature has the potential to streamline processes and improve efficiency across various workflows. Great idea!

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