Level 3 Use a published line item on the Account Assignment UX for the comment


I am unsure how to link the comment to the account that I assigned. It seems like I need to select the account first, and then provide comment for that particular account? Not sure how we can achieve it using a published line item.



  • Can you provide a print screen and more detail?

  • I just want to insert new members into a numbered list, and when I do that, I want to add a comment about the newest member. I want the comment area to be a rectangular box, not just a column. I don't know how to do that.

  • HI @JZCG , Do you wish to expand your column size? If yes, you can do it by right clicking on line item ⇒ Column settings⇒ search the line item in your case Comment ⇒ give the appropriate size of your choice(like 150,200) ⇒ click OK and ⇒save the view

  • @sobaid, I'd prefer a separate text box if possible.