Ability to see model mode change and deletion/creation as a Tenant auditor


As a tenant auditor it would be useful to be able to track some additional model events such as changes in model mode or when a model was created/deleted.

One such scenario is if a model is accidently deleted, a tenant auditor would be able to see when and who deleted said model without relying on Anaplan support.

Another scenario is if a model has lost ALM sync compatibility, this would allow a TA to see if the model was ever taken out of deployed mode without relying on Anaplan support.

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  • Yes, totally agree. The audit logs need more data which will make it more useful; instead of raising an L3 support ticket.

    Thank you.

  • Can the level 3 support from anaplan restore a deleted model

  • Ali

    Hi David,

    Yes the Level 3 team can help recover deleted models within 14 days from when they were deleted. After this point the model is permanently erased.

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