Microsoft Fabric/OneLake integration in Cloudworks


A) Background (to better understand my starting point - you can just move to B) )

A lot of our for Anaplan relevant data is currently hold in azure blob storage/ADLSGen2 in Microsoft Azure and is directly connected via AnaplanCloudWorks (read/write in and out).

Incoming data are uploaded manually or (for mass-data) by using SAP BW connector linked Power BI DataFlows to pull data out of SAP BW.

Those Data Flows are located in PBI Workspaces in the background directly connected with an Azure ADLS Gent2 storage account. Unfortunately data are hold in common data file format - therefore we use AzureDataFactory to do the final transformation into CSV format - ready for AnaplanCloudWorks. This is an automatic solution with no coding at all, but adds complexity, additional necessary knowledge about ADF and an additional storage account.

B) Background: Fabric/OneLake

Microsoft is currently developing new solutions regarding organizational based data lakes (keywords: fabric/OneLake).

This integrates - beside other things - also PowerBI and Data Pipelines. You can pull data from BW but also do the transformations and save results in delta table or file formats in the Onelake Framework. Everything is easy to connect with all the other benefits you have with PBI.

OneLake is in parity with Azure ADLS Gen2 Storage - that means that a ADLS Gen2 Storage account seems to be in the background - however access and relative path seems to be different to regular ADLS Gen2 storage account.

C) The Idea / What Would be great

Would be awesome to have a direct AnaplanCloudWorks integration possibility with Fabric/OneLake contents e.g. at least to the file section mentioned above.

This could be comparable to the existing Azure Blob integration or just to make sure that the existing possibility is also working with the new Fabric/One Lake content.

Making this possible would of benefit for both Tools.

This would decomplex, an additional ADF pipeline and an ADLS Gen2 Storage account is not needed.

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