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Recently, we noted Anaplan import process delete / zero out more records than source csv file, and learned it's related to Clear target prior to import which was ticked although at same time " Matched item in source" for all non-time dimensions and "Matched items only" for Time Dimension.

What happened?

- system import process (settings as above), has cleared all records by matched dimensions and each line items in the mapping, i.e. if products A is in source file, any countries and line items in the csv source file, will be cleared with product A together. Hence target records were wiped out much more than CSV file ( i.e. Only Product A associated with Country C and Line item X in the source csv file).

Suggestion: based on this observation, feel like it would be very helpful below a couple option could be provided by Anaplan in future:

A. a message to show before and after import to advice / confirm how many records will be / has cleared

B. Provide a few more detailed scenarios/ examples to explain how import options works if combined or selected.

During my thread search, I noted several threads are very helpful i.e. clearing data, and users also raised ideas/clarification about how import clearing works associated with fixed item.

I might miss out or this suggestion has been raised or answered and feel like a bit improvement or easy guide would benefit us in terms of time.


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