Workaround for Access issue with Cloudworks?


Hello everyone,

I am currently struggling with CloudWorks integration and I would like to ask if anybody in the Community have faced similar issue before.

The setup:

  • We have few modules which have DCA enabled in them - both Read and Write
  • This Read and Write DCA is based off another modules where you basically set up Access for Users per Geography and Departments


  • We are giving Read & Write accesses to all users to determine how much information they see
  • Admins can not see the data in those modules where DCA is applied,
  • It's impossible to grant access to the robot/API, because he's not a User,
  • We run export of line items from a saved view in a module where DCA is applied to another list,
  • List is blank, because CloudWorks does not see anything in the saved view

Before any discussion starts - I am aware about the Selective Access, but unfortunately this is different scenario, where we have this additional step for security reasons and we are looking for a workaround.

One thing that would definitely help is having the "Internal (Full Access)" representation of the robot as a User. However, I couldn't find anything in the documentation to understand if that's even possible.

@JaredDolich, is there anything at all that comes to your great mind as a potential solution to this problem? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for taking your time to read the above,


  • @kpasko Let's get @BrentOrr involved. He's the pro on clouldworks. TBH, this doesn't sound like a Cloudworks issue but rather one of security. Doesn't really matter what integration tool you use - if you don't grant your robot user access then you'll get the same result. Also, make sure you save the saved views as "Admin" or "Everyone". Admin will only work with your robot user if it is a workspace administrator. Otherwise, you'll have to use Everyone. As you already mentioned selective access will prevent the robot user to only the data granted.