As a modelbuilder I would like to use FindItem with a property or line item


I have seen that I am not the only one facing the issue that there is property or lineitem which is neither a code or name of list but it is needed for identification, like a WHERE statement in SQL.

Might it be possible to extend the FINDITEM function by an optional parameter to reference a property or lineitem which has the list as dimension.

FINDITEM(List or Time, Item to find, [Property or Line Item to use for comparison])

We have different systems connected to Anaplan which have different codes e.g. for projects and I need this feature to identify them correctly without changing the code property on every import or creating help tables with cross mappings.

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  • xin

    Totatly agree. Similar to import where you can use property to identify an item instead of a code, as in a numbered list name does not work

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