Fixed landing page (home page) for UX


Is it possible to set a page as a "landing page" on which the customer can land every time they open Anaplan?

I hope you can help me, thanks😊


Best Answer

  • MirBorishkevich

    A few answers to this question.

    1. Using the login link on Anaplan's site will always take you to the default home page where you can see the recent models/pages/apps visited. You cant change this.
    2. If you're building in Classic dashboards and not in the New UX, you can set a default "Landing Dashboard".
    3. If you are using the New UX and want a Landing Page/Dashboard for users, there is one simple way to do this.
      1. Create your landing page
      2. Open the page and copy the link
      3. Have end users bookmark the link as their "Anaplan Login" bookmark.

    This will allow the users everytime they hit the login bookmark they'll sign in and since each page in the new UX has a custom url they'll be directed to your landing page. Tada!