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We're having a data confidentiality issue. We want to use dynamic cell access for our execs but we dont want to give them access to Anaplan yet. Is there a way to give them a view of data without allowing them via login?

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  • jasonblinn

    To do anything in Anaplan, they would need access to Anaplan.

    A couple of options here: Through a combination of Roles, Page Access, DCA, and Selective Access I can't think of a scenario where you couldn't show them data and prevent them from changing something. This also sounds like a great use case for Management Reporting.

    If you don't want them to have access to Anaplan, then you would have to bring data outside of the platform, In this case, this could be a time to use an Excel Add-in or a PowerBI Add-in.

    If I haven't answered your question, please provide more details on what exactly you are trying to achieve.



  • Hi @empressjewel you can export the data from Anaplan for execs

  • Thanks @GauravKumar but that's not the answer I was looking for. We want to stay in Anaplan

  • Hi @empressjewel I dont think you can give them a view access without giving them access to Anaplan, you will have to pull the data out of Anaplan.

  • As other's have said it's impossible for your execs to have access to Anaplan without you giving access to Anaplan for them. One possibility would be to build a management report of data you want to share with execs so you can export pdf and share that with your execs anytime you want.