Data Copy Model to Model



I want to copy the data from one deployed model to another deployed model, what would be the best strategy to complete it with using minimum import actions?


Anmol Sarna


  • HimanshuRaj
    edited September 2023

    Hi @asarna

    The possible ways I can think of is to either create import actions for each module/list you want to populate the data for or maybe just take export of the data (By ordering dimensions in a way that all dimensions fit in 1 view) and manually paste it without having to create an import action.


  • Hi @asarna Lets say T1 is your target Model and S1 is your source model. You want to pull the data from Deployed copy of S1 to Deployed copy of T1.

    Create an Action in Dev copy of T1 using model to model import from dev copy of S1 and sync your changes to Deployed copy of T1. Then in Deployed copy of T1 change the source model mapping from Dev S1 to Deployed S1.


  • Got it @GauravKumar But in that case, I would need to create all the actions which needs Data Copy, I am looking for an easy method which would require minimum efforts.