How to Import a model from one workspace to another?


Currently, we have Dev, Test, Prod models in same workspace. Workspace size has reached to max limit. Client has come up with new use cases/requirements. In order to avoid space issues in the future, we decided to have dedicated workspaces for each model.

Workspace1, Workspace2 and Workspace3 for Dev, Test and Prod.

Please suggest necessary steps on, How to create models (Test, Prod) in their respective workspaces.



Best Answer

  • Tiffany.Rice

    Hi Vamsi! It is actually quite simple to migrate the models once the new Workspaces has been created and users have been added.

    1. From within the "Manage Models" dialogue (within the "Models" landing page) - locate your newly created workspace
    2. Run the import model process, selecting the current Workspace. See here for additional information:
    3. Once complete, you will now have a copy of the source model in the new Workspace. Confirm source model mapping are up to date, complete any necessary cross checks/validations and then you can delete or archive the originating model.