2024 Recertification Requirement Announcement: Using Workflow in Anaplan!

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We're thrilled to announce our 2024 recertification process for Certified Model Builder, Certified Solution Architect, and Certified Master Anaplanner.

Being a Certified Model Builder, Certified Solution Architect, or Certified Master Anaplanner means that you’re a highly qualified and valued part of the Anaplan ecosystem! As stewards of Anaplan, our goal is to ensure your expertise stays relevant, regardless of when you were certified. Staying current with the latest Anaplan product releases and best practices will maintain your certification and enhance your expertise.

This year, the certification maintenance requirements for 2024 details that a course — Using Workflow in Anaplan — is required to be completed prior to January 31, 2024 by all Anaplan Certified Model Builders, Certified Solution Architects, and Certified Master Anaplanners. If you are not certified but still wish to complete the Workflow course, it is available here.

Certified Model Builder and Certified Solution Architect

The requirements to maintain certification are the same for both a Certified Model Builder and a Certified Solution Architect.

2024 Maintenance Requirements (valid through December 31, 2024):

  • Complete Using Workflow in Anaplan (approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes)
  • Completion of the Workflow training course will re-certify you for 2024

Certified Master Anaplanner

The requirements for Certified Master Anaplanners (CMAs) to maintain certification include maintaining your certification as a Certified Solution Architect and completing the CMA contribution activity requirement. CMAs may read more about the contribution maintenance requirements here.

2024 Maintenance Requirements (valid through December 31, 2024):

  • Complete Using Workflow in Anaplan (approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes)
  • Collect the required contribution activity points prior to the end of the year
    • Need points still? Please email masteranaplanners@anaplan.com
  • Completion of both the Workflow training course and your required contribution activity points will recertify you for 2024
  • Questions on your status as a CMA should be directed to masteranaplanners@anaplan.com

For general questions, please reach out to academy@anaplan.com, or leave a comment!

Please note: We are excited to announce that the Japanese version of the course will be available soon! 🇯🇵


  • This is probably one of the most interesting training courses in Anaplan I've done to date. This is so useful and glad it's finally a thing.

  • Hi @JaredDolich - hopefully these will help:

    Has this feature been released as of Oct 18 2023? I'm a tenant admin but don't have the ability to add workflow owner.

    The Workflow Owner role is almost ready to release and will then be the primary role used to assign workflow admin rights to both internal and visitor users. It isn't there just yet but will be soon - keep an eye on the regular product updates for more.

    Best practice question - should there be a rule of thumb on how many tasks should be added before you create a separate workflow? Or, should it be a goal to get as many tasks as possible that relate to the workflow into one workflow?

    There's no hard-and-fast rule for this one - hopefully what we've built is flexible enough to handle both short processes and those that are more involved. One thing to bear in mind is that, currently, workflows have to be manually kicked off by an admin user. If you want one process to flow automatically into the next then I'd combine them into one larger template. If you're happy for a break between the two where a user must then kick off the next phase then two smaller, more focussed templates would do the trick.

    How is the workflow "knowing" the date? Say, I enter Oct. 18, 2023 as the start date of the workflow. How does Anaplan know what the current date is? Is it using the system time?

    We don't currently support the setting of start dates for workflows or tasks but we do have support for task durations and overdue notifications. When we do this, we capture the start time of the process using a UTC timestamp based on our server, however, whenever we display dates and times these are localized using the end users browser locale.

  • Hi @MattHollister.

    Automation of Workflow is a key part of our roadmap and includes a range of different features, including scheduling and automated triggering of templates based on other platform actions or activities. We're continuing to investigate and scope these work items but you'll hopefully start to see some of these on the roadmap in the coming months.

  • This training is so useful and fun! It has anaplan memes and jokes while training is ongoing! Kiran's puppy and model/module confusion - LOL 🤣

    Well done guys! Thank you for the great course!

  • Well done Anaplan on Workflow!
    It's actually a long needed functionality and will unlock series value - cannot wait to implement this with our clients.

    Some feedback:

    - The course is well structured, and intuitive but the AI voice is absolutely horrendous and puts me on absolute edge. May you please get a real voiceover to do these training programs in the future as it would make the process so much more engaging and enjoyable. I think I can safely speak on behalf of a lot of my colleagues who have went through this recertification process and feel the same way I do 😹

    Otherwise bravo! Loving this innovation - and the focus on making this a business owned tool. A big leap towards improving UX, similar to the introduction of Apps/Pages and the new UX.

  • RyanL
    edited December 2023

    Thank you for this training. Can't wait to have it implemented in our future projects. Btw, maybe we can include in the training the difference between the new Workflow and the embedded workflow in the list? I was confused at first as I thought it was somewhat related, since they have the same icon.
    Anyway, great job! Looking forward to the next!

  • Nashi105
    edited December 2023

    Grateful for the insightful training! Excited to integrate this knowledge into our upcoming projects. Suggesting inclusion of distinctions between the new Workflow and embedded workflow to alleviate confusion—initially thought they were linked due to the shared icon. Fantastic work! Eagerly anticipating the next session!